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Each entry should consist of 4 boneless Rib Eye Steaks. They should be 1" thick with the outer layer of fat left intact. The Rib Eyes must be from the same carcass, cut from the 12th rib consecutively.

Shipping Instructions:

Ship frozen steaks in an insulated container, shrink wrapped for best protection, and with sufficient gel packs and or dry ice. Please include a printed entry slip page with Your name, the Ranch Name, and your email in a ziplock bag with your steaks. You will receive a confirmation of your entry and your number for the Challenge. You will also be registered to see all webinars and video productions for the Triple Crown Steak Challenge.

Click here to download an entry slip

Entry fee:

$275 First Entry and Registration

$150 Each additional steak entry from the same ranch

The value of the scientific analysis of your beef by top Meat Scientist in the industry far exceeds the entry fee. In addition, you will receive promotions and advertising from Triple Crown Steak Challenge.

If you would like to promote your Ranch further and Wagyu Beef, please see our sponsor and advertising page.

Shipping Dates:

Steak Week September 4th - 14th

Shipping Address:

Lambert-Powell Meat Laboratory

500 Shug Jordan Parkway
Auburn, AL 36849


Triple Crown

Great Steak Challenge

Where exceptional steaks become champions.

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