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Welcome to the Triple Crown Steak Challenge!

Wagyu cattle are defined as any of four strains of a breed of black or red Japanese cattle valued for their highly marbled meat. Wagyu beef is intricately laced with delicate veins of off-white fat—by laboratory measurement, three times more marbling fat than U.S. prime-grade beef. Wagyu, when analyzed using the highly acclaimed Warner Bratzler Shear force test rated the most tender beef produced in the world.

We hope by registering to receive our videos, webinars, and promotional materials, you will gain insight into the cattle industry, specifically Wagyu, and the production of the most healthy luxurious beef in the world.

Enjoy the benefits of subscribing to Triple Crown Steak Challenge:

  • You will have access to learn the grading system for beef and understand USDA Prime. Many consumers have no idea what they are purchasing at the meat counter. We want to help change that!

  • With the program, we hope you gain insight into understanding how Wagyu Beef should be labeled. There are questions you should ask when you purchase Wagyu Beef. Is this 100 percent Wagyu, or 50 percent Wagyu, also known as F1? There are also higher percentages. You will be able to understand what you are actually purchasing.

  • There is a lot of testing conducted at Universities specific to beef designed to make sure the consumer receives a superior market product. Through our site, you will learn about scientific testing and see the results in action. You will acquire the necessary tools to determine healthy beef and differentiate between grain-fed and grass-fed.

  • You can judge photos from quality beef breeders all across the United States.

  • We will be happy to connect you with local Wagyu breeders in your area that produce top quality, delicious healthy cuts of beef for sale. To find breeders in your area, email the Triple Crown contact form with your questions and location.

  • When you register, you will receive all of our video and educational promotions throughout the Triple Crown Steak Challenge.

  • Pick out your favorite steaks from breeders you learn about in our Challenge.

  • We are here to explain how genetics, feed, and caring for the cattle affect the quality of the beef you eat.

  • Let us introduce you to a new world of flavor profiles and textures. See a professional taste panel evaluate the performance of Wagyu beef.

  • Learn how to judge the quality of packaged beef before you purchase.

  • Best of all, we invite you to Bid on a steak or beef package and experience the buttery texture and delicious flavor of Wagyu beef.


Thank you for being a part of the Triple Crown Steak Challenge! Feel free to pass our information on to family and friends interested in knowing about the beef they eat and where it is produced. Start Living the Farm to Table experience by meeting great beef breeders in your area.

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