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Purebred and Fullblood

Purebred the result of a Fullblood Wagyu Bull breeding with an F3 ( which is 87% Wagyu and not commonly occurring in the USA) Sire.

F1 - 50% Crossbred Wagyu

This is the most common type of Wagyu in the US. F1s are the result of a Fullblood Wagyu and a conventional Cow (angus, for example).

Most often, F1s are Wagyu bred with Angus. Angus are a larger breed of cattle, so when crossbred with Wagyu, which are smaller but more intensely marbled, Ranchers get what might be considered “best of both worlds” - a larger animal that produces more beef with better marbling.

F2 - 75% Crossbred Wagyu & F-4 93.75% Purebred Waygu

F2s are the result of a Fullblood Waygu Bull breeding with an F1 Cow.

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