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The Challenge

  Auburn University is raising the bar beyond taste and bringing in new AI testing to enhance precise, objective scientific valuations proving the merits of a producer's carcass. The results will showcase a producer's genetics and overall Program performance. This is the Triple Crown Steak Challenges' most exciting year for Data collection. 

  The Challenge is intended to be a valuable tool available to all breeders to help assess their carcass values. Each entrant will receive a printout of their individual and total steak evaluations. On the entry form, the entrant has the freedom to decide if their information will be published or non-published. The top 5 in each category will be released. This year each steak will undergo three times the amount of testing and analysis.

   Winners will be announced online and via our mailing list towards the end of September.  This year, we will provide, throughout the Analysis, videos, photos, and explanations by the Professors who conduct the research. We will upload these events to our website and Facebook page with a notice to check the site with every new posting. Subscribe to our mailing list to see the first rounds of winners and follow them to the top. We hope you will join us in supporting the research this event brings proving the superior carcass values of Wagyu and Wagyu influenced cattle.

We Tripled the analysis for 2023.


  • Three separate correlated IMF analyses using carcass grading cameras, total lipid extraction, and visual assessment

  • 3 Tenderness analysis. The Warner Bratzer, The Slice, and New AI tenderness Texture Analyzer

  • Three parts to the total Fatty Acid profile. Each contestant will receive their profile printouts and a printout by ranking.

   The winners will be Steaks that are real Champions, taking beef enthusiasts to a new level of the sensory taste experience.

  We look forward to having you be a part of the new tech experiance of the triple crown.

The Triple Crown Steak Challenge. 

Where great steaks become Champaions.

The Rules


The Challenge 2023 requires 4 Ribeyes per entry cut from the 13th rib consecutively. The additional ribeye requested is for the three tenderness analyses incorporated this year. A complete definition of the tenderness scoring will be uploaded along with the other analysis of the Triple Crown.

The steaks must be intact with subcutaneous fat on the outside edge.

Percentage entries will be Breed-seek analyzed. If your Breed seek results have 93.75 Wagyu genetics, we will move your entry to the Fullblood category. We will accept your steaks if you want to enter but refrain from competing. We will not varify or Breed-seek noncompeting entries.

We will accept your steaks if you want to enter but refrain from competing. Please complete the no-compete page and enclose it with your steaks in a ziplock bag. We are happy to provide data to everyone who wants the exceptional analysis Auburn University offers this year.

We are conducting an SCD/Tenderness study this year. Please include your SCD/Tenderness rating. If you would like to send in only SCD/Tenderness samples, please send One ribeye cut from the 13th rib per analysis. We have a form for you to fill out to indicate that you do not wish to compete but would like your SCD/Tenderness correlation results.

Shipping information can be found HERE.

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