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The Winners

GrandChampiongold2 (1).png

SCORE: 27.425

DMp: 51.8% DMf:  87.5 

Sensory Taste Panel Overall:

Third Place 

Warner Bratzler Tenderness Overall: Fourth Place 

Japanese Carcass Camera Overall:

Second Place

Total Lipid Panel Overall:

Third Place

Fatty Acid Profile:

Second Place

Breeder: Pete Eshelman

Days on Feed: 33 months

Sire: TF 813 Kimitofuku FB 10687

Dam: Michiko 1493 FB 19839

Time Aged: 10 days

Age at Harvest: 39 months

Hot Carcass Weight: 663

Fullblood 100%

Reserve (1).png

SCORE: 26.175

DMp: 48.8% DMf:  83.3 

Sensory Taste Panel Overall: Fifth Place 

Warner Bratzler Tenderness Overall: First Place WINNER OVERALL

Japanese Carcass Camera Overall: Fifth Place

Total Lipid Panel Overall: Fourth Place

Fatty Acid Profile: First Place WINNER OVERALL

Breeder: UKB

Days on Feed: 650 days

Sire: UKB 005 Shigefuku 13M FB6540

Dam: FB24717 UKB Ms N337

Time Aged: 4 days

Age at Harvest: 32 months

Hot Carcass Weight: 1,057

Fullblood 100%


SCORE: 25.600

steak 1 OH.jpg

Fedderson Wagyu


DMp: 48.9           DMf: 136.8

Sensory Taste Panel: Winner First Place Overall

Japanese Carcass Camera: Fourth Place Overall

Days on Feed: 650

Breeder: UKB Age at Harvest 32

Brad Fedderson Hot Carcass Weight: 1,147

Sire: Mr. Yasushiigefuku FB11972

Dam: FB31872  UKB MS L320

Time Aged: 4 days

Fullblood 100%

Fedderson Wagyu won the Digital Marbling Fineness with the finest Marbling percentage of any steak entered.

SCORE: 25.325

steak 9 CU.jpg


DMp: 43.8 DMf: 92.7

Sensory Taste Panel: Fourth Place Overall

Warner Bratzler Tenderness: Third Place Overall

Fatty Acid Profile: Fourth Place Overall

Total Lipid Extraction Overall: Second Place

Breeder: Shelia Patinkin

Days on Feed: 570

Sire: Bar R Shigefuku FB 25533

Dam: VT Ms. Shigetehzamichi

Age at Harvest: 27.3 months

Hot Carcass Weight: 845

Time Aged: 14 days

Fulblood 100%

SCORE: 25.050

Steak 8.jpg



DMp: 55.4 DMf: 113.5

Total Lipid Panel: Winner First Place Overall
Fatty Acid Profile: Third Place Overall    
Japanese Carcass Camera: Winner First Place Overall
Breeder: Phillip Bowman

Days on Feed: 840    
Sire: MFC Kimitofuku FB 17785

Dam: Tno Anna PC 24889    

Age at Harvest: 28 months
Hot Carcass weight: 1052

Time Aged: 18 days
Fullblood 100%

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