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We Tripled the analysis for 2023!

Hosted by Auburn University Meat Science and using their new Testing facility, we are tripling the data for our entrants.

Three separate correlated IMF analyses using carcass grading cameras, total lipid extraction, and visual assessment

3 Tenderness analysis. The Warner Bratzer, The Slice, and New AI tenderness Texture Analyzer

Three parts to the total Fatty Acid profile. Each contestant will receive their profile printouts and a printout by ranking.

Making beef


The professional taste panel will have professional chefs that are familiar with Wagyu as well as Meat Science Professionals that understand the taste and texture of Wagyu beef. Stay tuned for a list of our panel experts.


No Other Steak Competition in the world test for as many meat quality merits as the Triple Crown.


Knowledge is power.


Know what you produce in terms of carcass merit scientifically validated.


Does your feed program work?


Put your genetics to the test.


Auburn Universities Meat Science lab has raised the bar on beef quality testing.


This year we will have more interaction with our entrants and more information released throughout the competition. You don't want to miss the chance to have such significant information about your final product.


Stay tuned and mark your calendar for Steak Week, September 4-14th.

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