The Team


Professor of the Meat and Dairy Science Department at the University of Georgia

President of the American Meat Science Association

Director of Testing and Analysis

Dr. T. Dean Pringle


Professor Ernest L. Corley Jr. Trustees Endowed Chair at Clemson University

Fatty Acid Profile Specialist

Dr. Susan K. Duckett


Professor of the Meat Science at the University of Georgia

Dr. Alex Stelzlini


Head of Animal and Dairy Science Department at the University of Georgia

Dr. Francis L. Fluharty


Red Bull Cattle Company

MIJ Japanese Camera Evaluation

Desi Cicale


Muscle Biology/Meat Science|Department of Animal and Dairy Science 
Associate Professor

Dr. John Michael Gonzalez

Wagyu 365 is your one-stop source for all things Wagyu. The “One” place any enthusiast, breeder, or potential buyer can visit to witness the demand for Akaushi and Wagyu breeding stock. This real time, all-inclusive web community has a single purpose—spread the positive message of the Wagyu breed. We encourage you to visit often and become engaged as we showcase the breed and its impact on the industry.

Kiley McKinna

Sales Representative

PJ Budler

International Affairs


Randy Ratliff

Sales Representative


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