Awards and Benefits


  • Contestants will receive objective, precise carcass data unmatched in any meat evaluation competition in the world.

  • Recognition by social media, potential clients and leading industry experts.

  • Significant exposure to multiple media platforms

  • Award Certificate

Cash Awards

  • Grand Champion Overall $1,000.00*

  • Reserve Grand Champion: $750.00*

*Plus the winnings from any category top placement

  • First place in a category: $200.00

  • Second Place: $150.00

  • Third Place: $100.00

  • Fourth Place: $75.00

  • Fifth Place: $50.00


Triple Crown Winner

Grand total:$3,000.00

To win the Prestigious Triple Crown Award an entrant must-win First place ALL categories. 

The Triple Crown Champion prize money is the grand total of all the first place winnings from each category plus an additional $2000.00!

In the event a contestant meets all the criteria required to win the Triple Crown, the Grand Champion award becomes null and the Reserve Grand Champion is the next highest point score with a $500 bonus added.

Just to be clear the Triple Crown Winner will receive $3,000.00 and the Reserve Grand Champion will receive $1,250.00