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Awards and Benefits

MI USA  Carcass Camera Kit Raffles

Meat Imaging (2)_edited.png

This year our partner Meat Imaging USA has graciously donated 5, count them, 5 Meat Imaging Carcass Camera Kits (the winner will still need to get a compatible phone). 

The Raffle categories are as follows:

1. Contestant Raffle- all who register their steaks will get 1  immediate entry into the raffle. The first 20 who register get an additional 3  entries. 

2. Conference Attendance - RSVP required. 

3.  General Public- tickets will be available for purchase in the coming months. 

Grand Champion and CategoryAwards

Winner FullBlood:

Grand Champion prize: 

  • Custom made champion buckle donated by Joseph Decuis

Winner Percentage:


Triple Crown Champion

To win the Prestigious Triple Crown Award an entrant must-win First place ALL categories. 

*In the event a contestant meets all the criteria required to win the Triple Crown, the Grand Champion award becomes null and the Reserve Grand Champion is the next highest point score with a $500 bonus added.

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