Awards and Benefits

MI USA  Carcass Camera Kit Raffles

Meat Imaging (2)_edited.png

This year our partner Meat Imaging USA has graciously donated 3, count them, 3 Meat Imaging Carcass Camera Kits (the winner will still need to get a compatible phone). 

The Raffle categories are as follows:

1. Contestant Raffle- all who register their steaks will get 1  immediate entry into the raffle. The first 20 who register get an additional 3  entries. 

2. Conference Attendance - RSVP required. 

3.  General Public- tickets will be available for purchase in the coming months. 

Grand Champion and CategoryAwards

To be announced soon!


Triple Crown Champion

To win the Prestigious Triple Crown Award an entrant must-win First place ALL categories. 

*In the event a contestant meets all the criteria required to win the Triple Crown, the Grand Champion award becomes null and the Reserve Grand Champion is the next highest point score with a $500 bonus added.