Prizes are based on the total score of each steak.


Each category will have a top evaluated steak that will be number one in its division:

  • We will have an F1/Percentage Wagyu division winner. 

  • We will have a Purebred/Fullblood Wagyu division winner.

  • We will have an "Other Beef Breeds" division winner.


We will have 3 division winners that will receive an e-blast designed to promote their status in the competition, along with a free entry to the 2020 Triple Crown Steak Challenge. The three division winners will then compete among themselves for the Grand Champion Winner.


The Grand Champion will be the highest scoring steak in the contest in all judging categories. The prize package will be a full-color ad, an e-blast to promote their beef, a commemorative plaque awarded at the Gala, and $500.

The Triple Crown will be awarded to the steak that achieves the highest score in all areas of 3 judging categories.


The Triple Crown Steak Challenge Winner will receive a full page color ad and an e-blast by a graphics designer, a commemorative plaque with bragging rights, and $1,000 cash.

If there is not a Triple Crown Winner we will add to next year's Triple Crown Prizes and every year after until one Steak entry wins the Triple Crown. There was no winner in 2018, so this year's addition is an additional $500, bringing the total to $1,000.

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