Triple Crown

Great Steak Challenge


This challenge is intended to be a valuable tool available to all breeders to help assess their carcass values. Each entrant will receive a printout of their individual and total steak evaluations. On the entry form, the entrant has the freedom to decide if their information will be published, non-published. The top 5 in each category will be published. 

Each steak will undergo $500.00 worth of testing; Japanese Carcass Camera, Complete Fatty Acid Profile, Warner Bratzler Shear Force Test, Melting Point of Fat Analysis, and a Professional Taste Panel. Each entry will receive 2 free tickets to the Taste of Wagyu event. Purdue University Professors will be at the Taste of Wagyu to discuss your results and answer any questions. Attendees not registered in the challenge may purchase Tickets for $75.00 each for the Taste of Wagyu Gala event. The dates for shipping your entries are September 30th - October 4th 

Steaks: Each entry should consist of 3 boneless Rib Eye Steaks, 1" thick with the outer layer of fat left intact. Must be from the same carcass. 

Entry fee: $150.00 per entry

(includes 2 tickets to the Taste of Wagyu Gala)

Taste of Wagyu Gala: $75 per ticket

Shipping Dates: Steaks must be shipped frozen: September 30th to October 4th 2019. No Steaks will be accepted after October 4th.


mail steaks to

Boilermaker Butcher Block

Attn: Blaine Brown

270 S Russel Street

W. Lafayette IN, 47907

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