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Purdue Animal Sciences

  In Purdue Animal Sciences, our students explore animal genetics, nutrition, physiology, reproduction, meat science, disease, growth and development, and behavior and well-being. What you find will inspire you to make a positive difference and create innovative solutions through relevant research. Our premier facilities reflect the longstanding excellence of our academic programs and faculty. In 2018, we opened a $60 million, state-of-the-art slate of new buildings: the Hobart and Russell Creighton Hall of Animal Sciences, the Land O’Lakes, Inc. Center for Experiential Learning and the Purina pavilion – all of which will serve evolving issues and needs in education, research and the animal industries for years to come.

It’s one thing to talk about farming in traditional classrooms. It’s another to spend significant time at the Animal Sciences Research and Education Center – our off-campus research, teaching and extension farm. Here, our students work hands-on in beef, dairy, swine, poultry, sheep, and aquaculture units, as well as a feed mill, maintenance and machinery shop and more. Every year, the feed mill alone produces more than 2,300 tons of feed. Animal Sciences also features its own retail store, the Boilermaker Butcher Block. Geared toward education and research, this state-inspected animal products store provides students a hands-on experience that can make them more marketable to employers in the meat industry. We have a 97% job placement or continued education upon 6 months of graduation with our undergraduate program.

Dr. Stacy Zuelly
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Dr. Emily Taylor
Blaine Brown

Desi Cicale

Desi Cicale is the owner of Red Bull Cattle Company. She raises Red, Black, and Red Black Fullblood and percentage cattle. She works hard to promote objective research and data collection of beef breeds. She recently traveled to Japan to learn Wagyu carcass grading techniques and use the new MIJ Carcass Camera. Her goal is to push for objective and precise carcass grading while bringing fatty acid profiles to the forefront as a valid measurement of the benefits of Wagyu Beef. She believes establishing research connections with Universities will open the door to understanding all components necessary to produce an outstanding carcass. In addition to promoting University studies, Desi believes in investing in Youth programs to educate and train young people excellent husbandry practices and how to be good stewards of the land. The proceeds from the steak auction at the Taste of Wagyu Gala event of the Triple Crown Steak Challenge go to the National Junior Wagyu Association.

Southern Wagyu Alliance
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